About Denise Foxall

I’m a full time mom and marketer, part time stuff-maker and idea collector.  I grew up knowing how to make things, from a mom who was a Martha before “Martha” became a noun.

Did a semester of painting in the south of France when I was 18, went to university and got a degree in Art History. Wanted to be an architect. Worked in an art gallery, an interior design firm, an architecture firm, a film company, an engineering company, a major Canadian media company. Began working with friends on small film projects on the side as a set designer and art director. Along the way, starting taking throwing classes at a pottery studio.  Somewhere along the way, hooked up with a chemist. Made two kids. The crafty-artsy-makin’-things goodness stopped. But as time passes, I’m finding the balance between family life, work life, and making. This blog is all that.

Questions? Concerns? Fan Mail? Email me: denisefoxall@yahoo.com

…and thanks for reading!


9 Responses to About Denise Foxall

  1. su planta says:

    so the first time I’ve read your blog (well, at least from the space station entry before the wogglebug asked to be fed) and loving the happiness that comes from reading about your “makin’ things goodness”. Next visit we’ll get organised to do something crafty with the kiddies and Auntie Maricel 😉

  2. Loooooove the blog! Quirky, funny, crafty, cakin’ fun & different. I can identify with it all. I looooooove your rocket tea set and pottery sooooo creative. Do you make those to sell? We are Americans living in South Korea; I would love to purchase a set. Hug those cute boys! Kris

  3. Elvis says:

    Wow! Never seen anything great like this! 🙂

  4. mmmarzipan says:

    Lovely blog! Happy to follow! 🙂

  5. This is just too cool. And we loved the Tough Mudder pics. Who knew my littlest cousin was such a tough chick.

  6. paul says:

    Love the rocket set for my Museum, any chance of making one for me please?
    Paul Clark U.K.

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