Monster Truck Birthday Cake

For Ben’s 5th Birthday party, he asked for a Monster Truck theme, and we delivered with all the mud, trucks and flames I could muster.

IMAG1896Unlike the Death Star cake, this cake, I thought, came together really well – I’m never sure how the ideas will turn out, but I liked the way this one looked. It was all the same homemade marshmallow fondant, lots of black icing for mud, and of course, flames.

IMAG1883This was a big party with a lot of kids, so I made monster truck cookies for the goodie bags, and some extra cupcakes with the race car flags.

IMAG1878There is truly nothing more fun for my kids and I, than pimping up cardboard boxes. This, was, by far, the best thing at the party – cardboard monster trucks.

IMAG1874Look at how bad-ass Ben is in his favourite truck!


It was literally, fun for the whole family.


Another thing I did that was pretty entertaining for the kids, was a “Pin the license plate on the monster truck” game – huge hit. I just painted a monster truck onto some cardboard, and printed out each kid’s name on a license plate generator I found on the web. IMAG1943


Of course when we lit the candles on the cake, it was epic in a monster-jam kind of way. IMAG1950

How did Ben like it?

IMAG1946Monster success!






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