STAR WARS Death Star Cake

Well, you probably knew this was inevitable. For Sam’s 7th Birthday, I attempted to make a Death Star cake. I did not love this cake – but I’m posting it anyways as an exercise in humilty – not everything I make turns out awesome, and that’s the truth.

IMAG4738But therein lies the truth – Sam did not care that it was not my best work – he loved it. We had a whole Star Wars theme going on for the birthday, which was, of course, really fun.


I made fondant mini-figs for the cake, which was actually really hard, and I would not do again.  I always love hand painting onto fondant, and I loved the AT AT I did – it was my favourite.

IMG_20121124_174141The Princess Leia mini-fig was sort of funny, but it generated all sorts of funny conversations about her outfit with my boys, that I realised is just the beginning of THOSE kinds of conversations. “Is she SEXY, mum?”

And what party would be complete without a Han Solo encased in Jello carbonite? Truly the hit of the party after the cake!





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One Response to STAR WARS Death Star Cake

  1. Mary Grace says:

    Oh ya, those small figures would have been hard. I think you did a great job on them though! I love your Hans Solo in jelly!

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