50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

sunflower bra-71My parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary last year in a beautiful garden setting in Kelowna, BC, where they were married. We had a lovely afternoon gathering of old friends and family to celebrate.

The cake I made for their wedding was a two-tiered cake decorated with gold art-nouveau lattice-work, edible pearls, and hand-painted dragonflies.

Golden Wedding Anniversary CakeI had to assemble everything in advance and then build the cake the night before, in the hotel room, which was something of a challenge!

sunflower bra-25I catered most of the event myself, with bars and cupcakes, but the champagne flute cookies, decorated with the edible pearls for bubbles, were a hit with the children.

sunflower bra-23sunflower bra-14One of the things we did as well, just as a conversation piece, was to do a “laundry list” of 50 “things” about my parents –  we hung them around the tent like a clothesline and it was great fun.

sunflower bra-26sunflower bra-60Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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