Aloha!- Hawaiian themed Cupcakes

IMAG7791These Hawaiian cupcakes were so much fun to make! Homemade from scratch, chocolate or white cake, with marshmallow fondant. Multi-coloured backgrounds with handcut, handpieced flowers. A little time-consuming but effective and beautiful on presentation.

IMAG7793The only thing prettier than the flower cupcakes, was all the trimmings:

IMAG7749-1Also in this batch were these adorable flip-flop cupcakes:

IMAG7777 IMAG7770Never have I wished more that I could make my own shoes!


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2 Responses to Aloha!- Hawaiian themed Cupcakes

  1. Ev says:

    Lovely cupcakes! Those flowers must have taken a lot of time and effort. I really like the umbrellas too. 🙂

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