Star Wars LEGO Garbage Compactor Cake

ImageBen turned four at the beginning of August. As I’ve said a few times before, cake is kind of a big deal at our place. It takes up entire dinner conversations. Possibilities for THE BIRTHDAY CAKE are endless. But eventually, a decision needs to be made. Ben is very into garbage trucks right now. He’s also very into Star Wars. And LEGO. How, you might ask, does one create a cake that covers all the bases? Well, Ben solutioned the whole thing himself. Envision one finger in the air, kind of like this:

He announced clearly, that he wanted his cake to be the scene, from Star Wars, where Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo et al., are being crushed in the garbage compactor on the Death Star.

Let me tell you, there aren’t too many references for this one. I found one other cake out there.  A few images, and a really cool set of bookends that I may have to buy. But we’re not talking about a major scene here with lots of visuals. You remember Han Solo being frozen in carbonite, Luke’s hand getting chopped off, Yoda kicking butt against Count Dooku. Garbage scene? Not so much. But, that’s the only scene Ben loves more than any other, and he had to have it. I worked from the image above, by artist Casey Sanborn, to create the cake.

So it all starts with a giant pile of fondant. Luckily for me, I was able to outsource some child labour, having a couple of lovely assistant nieces who quickly volunteered for the job of mixing the fondant.

Let’s just say some enjoyed the sticky process more than others.

And some profited from the experience more than others.

As you can see, it was quite a production. Once that was done, I painted the sides of the garbage compactor, and let them harden up over night.

The next step was to make the characters.

I put the children in charge of the garbage. I mixed colour into fondant as fast as I could, and the garbage they produced was beyond spectacular. Even the grownups pitched in, and we became a veritable garbage factory. It was Epic in a sugar-high kind of way.

And so, here is the final product. A Star Wars LEGO Garbage Compactor Cake. Cross that off the bucket list!!!

How did Ben like it?

Yup! And it tasted even better. Happy Days.







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One Response to Star Wars LEGO Garbage Compactor Cake

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Loved your bakes! You made it looked so easy to make! =D

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