Foxtrick House Rules Painting

If you have two boys aged 7 and under, sometimes it’s not enough to just say the rules. In fact, if you’re a mother, you’ll know that kids rarely listen to you. I got the idea to create a set of House Rules some time ago, and spent a little energy with the children establishing what they thought would be the best rules. We whittled it down. We worked on them. And here they are. Our house rules. I wish I could say they’ll have them memorized by December and  the children will grow up to be outstanding citizens.  Deep down I know it’s going to take a lot more than a giant 4 foot by 2 foot painting hanging in the stairwell that they’ll see every day. But I’d say that’s a good start. And I’m a believer.

In case you’re wondering how you too can have your own customized house rules, I’ll tell you that it would be a whole lot easier to type them in word, blow it up, and print it out. I created alphabets in various sizes (one font), printed them out, then cut out all the letters I needed (yes, crazy). Then I laid out all the letters to create the spacing, traced them out, then handpainted each letter. And with just about everything I do, I’m sure there’s a better faster way, but this was a fun project, and I finished it in under a month – whoohoo!


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3 Responses to Foxtrick House Rules Painting

  1. Karina Abe says:

    Awww… but I LIKE ninjas! =P
    Your house rules rule. ❤

  2. Thanks Karina! I like Ninjas too – it’s really not personal, it’s just a really great all-round way of saying no crazy stuff that doesn’t fit nicely into the “no running, no screaming” category. I should have added “No parkour in the house” as well. Sigh. Too late now!!

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