Makings from the past week

Here is the plate I made as a wedding gift for my friend Jeff and his (new) wife Amy. I like it – this is about 12″ x 12″ maybe? So it’s a serving plate, perfect for cheese and crackers, and then I made them two square plates to go with it. They went to Paris for their honeymoon, so I’m going to imagine that they will have some lovely cheeses, some charcuterie, and some olives on this plate. Hmm. Maybe I should have made a small dish for olives. First anniversary gift I guess! Just as well, I etched the wrong date (by two months) into the bottom of their platter, so their wedding plate will forever say May 24 instead of March. Sigh.

I also made this lovely little plate with a robin’s egg blue slip, and a fern imprint – not sure why I’ve not done this combination before but I’m tempted to make a whole set of dishes in this colour. Love it.

Last week I dipped the rocket pots in glaze for the kiln firing…

I brought Ben with me because everytime I go to the studio now, he wants to see the train. So, he read quietly for a while, while I glazed…

And then we did a quick trip to visit the Steam Engine…

Now I realise that I’m late on the curve for making melted crayon canvases, but it was so EASY, and FUN, and EASY, and the kids loved the project. So, I made it for them. I suspect this is the 2012 equivalent of macrame plant holders. But, more fun, I think.

And it filled out my little gallery wall of art, which I get immense satisfaction out of. Everything here is homemade.

And in other creative news, I finally crossed off my bucket list cartoon letters for my children’s rooms. These letters are hanging above their beds, but here they are once they were finished. They LOVE them.

My rocket pots were ready today, along with a bunch of other things – happy. It’s a great day when you get something out of the kiln that works.

So that’s the last couple of weeks of makings…it’s a lot! I can’t WAIT to get back to the studio to finish my retro rocket teapot and creamer / sugar… it’s horrible to commit to a piece before it’s fired, but, I LOVE it. I hope it works. Fingers crossed! Have a GREAT week! Make something good!

Cheers, Denise

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