Hej Danmark! Mac Laptop Cake How-to

I am fascinated by how WordPress calculates statistics on the back end of this blog. In February, a new feature that started to calculate data was the inclusion of what country the viewer is from. The above is a representation of where the viewers who look at my blog are from – and I am continually gobsmacked that anyone, let alone a global audience, continues to read and send me great feedback (which I love – thank you!) about the things I make.

So I heard from Camilla in Denmark (Hej Camilla!), who wanted to know how I made the Mac laptop cake.  I’ve been digging through my photos, and for some reason this seems to be the one of the few cakes I did not document the making of. 😦 No matter, technique is technique!

The above photo is from the making of the BC Ferries cake, but I made it pretty much the same way as the Mac cake. I started with a piece of sturdy cardboard, entirely wrapped in plastic film wrap, and taped at the back. I rolled out a large piece of fondant, and then lay the taped part face down on the fondant (this ensured that the back of the computer would have a really clean finish)  I folded the fondant around the cardboard as if it was a present – then trimmed the corners so they were as tidy as possible (probably the trickiest part of the whole thing). Because the lid is vertical, this is probably one of the first things you should do, because it needs to harden. I glued the fondant to the cardboard backing with icing.  Just regular icing, but you could use Royal Icing too.  I let this dry overnight, (ok, truth be told, I didn’t sleep that whole night, but hopefully you will plan a bit more ahead! 😉

The screen itself, was a screen saved image of the website and sized to fit the screen. I think I tried to make the computer an actual size replica – if not exact then it was pretty close. In any case, one of my graphic designer buddies just printed it out on the colour printer at work. I know it was a high quality paper – I’ve had some success (like the cake above) with high gloss, high quality paper. I also don’t put the paper onto the cake too far in advance.  Often once you have a cake out, the fondant can start to bead with sweat, so you will have to determine that based on the climate you’re in. In the photo above, I just printed out colour pictures on a good printer, and placed them onto pieces of rolled out fondant. You can use a *tiny* amount of icing, or I think in the case of the laptop, I may have used pins just in the corners to secure the paper to the cake.

For the keyboard, I found an image online of a mac keyboard, sized it up, and then cut and molded each key out of fondant.  I painted the keys with a paintbrush and the Wilton food colouring paste, tiny bit of water to thin it out.

Most people are probably unaware of the amount of “hardware” that goes into a cake, but this is definitely the secret weapon. I had several wooden dowels that I inserted through the lid at the bottom, (make the holes first!) The big fat piece of rolled fondant at the bottom back of the cake hides the damage.

So, there are my secrets! I’m happy to share, because unless the Apple Corporation contacts me to make another one, I’ve crossed this off my bucket list!

Happy Making – and thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Hej Danmark! Mac Laptop Cake How-to

  1. That is very impressive, especially the keyboard! Fantastic stuff!

  2. sakinah says:

    I am making a macbook cake for my dad, i would appreciate your advice. for the letters on the fondant of the keyboard did you use a black edible pen? what do you mean you painted the keys, isnt the keys just white fondant already?

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