Woodgrain and Rockets: Geek Potters Unite!

I love rockets. Retro rockets, robots, ray guns. The best part is there’s so much inspiration out there to pull from, and I have a lot to learn. I started making some bigger forms a couple of weeks ago, to make into rocket shapes.

The smaller pieces are lids – not sure how that’s going to go but I’ll give it a try. At best I’ll end up with three rocket vases. Cut out the shapes of the fins…

Then promptly dropped a lid into the pot. No matter, no serious damage sustained, couple of nicks – or maybe they’re battle scars. In any case, I now of course want to call in sick to go to the studio tomorrow and get these finished and into the kiln. Sigh. (I never would have the balls, but there, I thought about it).

I’ve been working on some woodgrained plates for Jeff and Amy’s wedding gift – two small square plates, side-platish-size, and then a bigger serving plate. For whatever reason, this thing has taken weeks and weeks to dry properly – I’m not sure why but man it took forever to dry. So finally today it’s gone into the bisque. I’m pretty happy with how it looks, now the agony of decisions over glaze.

I like it. I got a little obsessed with making the carving perfect, and am a little worried the glaze will cover it, I think I’ll go clear – it’s porcelain so it will just be white on white. Nice and simple. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this done before they get back from their honeymoon!

Here’s something else I got into the kiln this afternoon. Two cake plates, in different sizes in porcelain. I’m crossing my fingers for the smaller one with the bird – it cracked on the surface, but I used crack-repair in a couple of coats. I’m not committing to it until it makes it past the bisque stage. If it doesn’t crack, I will love it. Less than the rocket vase, but none-the-less. So excited to get back into the studio. Sigh. Wednesday is now so far away.

Happy week!

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2 Responses to Woodgrain and Rockets: Geek Potters Unite!

  1. Love all of these! The wood grain plates are such a beautiful idea! Please post them when they are done? I would love to see all the finished products 😀

    • Thanks so much to akittyandhercakes! They are glazed and hopefully making it into the kiln in the next week…I ended up doing a clear glaze over porcelain, hopefully the woodgrain will show through…will post the finals!

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