Snowshoes and Cupcakes

Forgive me, it’s been six weeks since my last Creational. I almost can’t believe that in the process of getting into all sorts of other good habits, I got out of the habit of posting. Why? Well, I started working out at the gym at 5 AM. That’s definitely put a cramp in my creative muscles, so to speak. I have been MAKING things, just not TALKING about them.

In any case, I made some Snowshoe themed cupcakes for a group I’ve been snow-shoeing with since January.

I love this shot my friend Laurie took of his dog Murphy and I sitting at the top of Hollyburn.

And what is more motivating than a tray of delicious chocolate cupcakes with snow-shoes on them? Sliding down the mountain of course!

Last two photos courtesy of Laurie Kinsman!  Enjoy your weekend!

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One Response to Snowshoes and Cupcakes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmmm…my two favorite activities!


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