For my Valentines…Cookies and Pottery

Well, it wouldn’t be Valentines day without some serious chocolate and sweets, and last night the children and I baked heart-shaped chocolate cookies.  They went to bed before they had a chance to ice them, which was just as well because the mess from the making was almost too much to sustain a flurry of icing and sprinkles as well (I mean, how much can you handle on a school night!).

Here’s a chocolate heart on a homemade LEGO sushi plate. This photo says “I LOVE Lego!”

Here’s a three part pottery dish I made a while ago – it’s porecelain with rope handles. I like it – it usually holds all those weird bits that end up in the kitchen, like twist ties, screws, elastic bands and change. Here are all the types of cookies we made, including  stained glass hearts made with melted lollipops.

I love the crackle glaze on these little heart shaped dishes I made last year for my boys – their names are inscribed on the bottom. Doesn’t hurt to sandwich two chocolate cookies with a little nutella spread…(this cookie strangely disappeared shortly after this photo was taken). d;)

Happy Valentines day!

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