The things we make and eat and bake…

I had a funny conversation with two of my favourite work colleagues some time ago about the content of my blog. It went something like “I’m getting a little tired of the cakes – what about the other stuff you make?” I don’t really think he was serious, but it *is* true – every weekend is an open canvas of opportunity, and we make a lot of stuff!  At the beginning of every episode of Phineas and Ferb, they sitting around doing nothing, then someone gets an idea, and they make something crazy – it’s kind of how we roll, except just not on the same cartoon scale.  Last weekend, we made bread.  I bake bread about every three weeks – 6 loaves of whole wheat bread. It’s become a family effort – everyone has a job.  I mix and knead the dough (by hand, I’m old school – no bread machines). The children’s main job is to pummel it after the first rise.

It takes a long time to rise. Like, hours. So, we set up a sheet of paper on the fridge and played school. Today’s lesson was cartoon alphabet. You know, the kind that turns into art class and you get to colour it in.

I usually ditch at this point, and go to the studio. Here’s what I’m making at the studio right now.

I’m making a new set of dishes, so this is one place setting – a dinner plate, side plate, soup bowl, and cereal bowl.

I can’t quite explain why I felt so compelled, but I’m also making a few Christmas ornaments.

Brian’s job is to put the bread in the oven after the second proof, and take it out when it’s done. It’s also his job to test it, to ensure quality control, which isn’t hard with warm freshly baked bread.

Uh, then it gets, uh, played with.


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