LEGO mini-figs Smackdown – Denise vs. Simon

If I were a mini-fig, I’m pretty sure that the above representation would be not far off the mark. (The only differences are that I lack a lovely beauty mark, and I have not owned red pants since the 80’s) In any case, the other day, we received an email from a friend in Ottawa, who had been in Vancouver last summer and our families got together for a picnic.

Simon and Sam warmed up to each other pretty well, lots of Playmobil and LEGO talk.  I didn’t realise that I had made an impression on Simon until the other day when Pete’s note arrived with a few photos of Simon’s impressive collection of mini-figs – Simon wanted me to see his collection of mini-figs, and wants to see pictures of mine!  How awesome is that?!!

Here’s just one of his pics:

(Simon – this is my favourite one because I totally LOVE the shark head guy – he’s awesome! I also like your Atlantis guy in the other photo – we have him and he’s one of my favourites).

Anyways, Simon, you showed me yours, so now I’ll show you some of mine. Mini-fig smack down 2012!

I love this Samurai guy – I use him a lot in photos with cake…

This was by far the best cake for mini-fig action photos. We must have done about four or five shots of different mini-figs on this cake. I know, maybe weird, but Glenny and Ian (who the cake was for) TOTALLY would not have minded…

The artist guy is in my top ten favourite mini-figs. I totally love him, and this is one of my favourite cake/mini-fig photos.

All time favourite mini-fig and cake photo. Ninjas having a bubble bath!

I love this guy too – the mad scientist. Totally awesome. 

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