Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty Cake pops!

Well, my best friend came over on Saturday afternoon with a bottle of wine and everything to make Hello Kitty cake pops. A good start, I should say! Seriously – if you are thinking about making cake pops, think about how much time you have – these were unbelievably time consuming – even for two people, it took about five hours, not including baking time.

First, the fondant. Here I am, mixing up a batch of sweet fondant-y goodness.

So the deal with cake pops, is you make a cake, blend it to crumbs, mix it with icing, and shape out cake balls. They don’t look like much on waxed paper.  Dip lollipop sticks into melted white chocolate (a little double boiler action will get you there), freeze those for about ten minutes, then stick the cake onto the top. Two white chocolate chips stuck on with a dob of melted chocolate.  Not looking like Hello Kitty yet?

We melted down a vat of white chocolate, and started swirling those babies in melted chocolate.

One thing about cake pops, is that you actually need to consider how to present them. I covered two styrofoam blocks with fondant, and decorated them to look like cakes, because we actually just needed space to stick our Hello Kitty’s! Emily loved helping cut out the flowers.

Each cake pop got two hearts, a mini m&m, and a yellow candy nose. Then, I painted on the eyes and whiskers with black piping gel (thanks Duff! Loved your product!)

And then, you need a six year old girl, obsessed with Hello Kitty, to do the taste test.

Yes. Mission accomplished!

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