The last 8 days of makings…

The stop motion gingerbread cookie video project is finished and on youtube! There were a lot of people involved in this project, I only iced the cookies and lent the child labour for the hands! It turned out awesome tho, click the link below to view.

Ritchie Bros. Season’s Greetings

Last weekend I had a get-together with some old college friends, two of which have wee girls. One of my favourite gifts to make for little people are cozy angora sock monkeys. It doesn’t get any more glamorous than sewing monkey bums.

And here are the final results. Very girly monkeys these two! But I’m happy to say that the pink and brown monkey has been officially named now, I believe it’s Mr. Thelonious Sphere Monk.

I got some ornaments organised to give that I had made earlier in the year – it’s kind of amazing what a curly ornament hanger can do to dress up a simple ornament.

Here are a few process photos from last Sunday night’s BC Ferries cake – this was the fondant backdrop I painted the sunset onto:

Here’s the rest of the cake in progress. It was a loooong night!

I finished my party frock – it rocked! BUT: I will say this about sewing with sequins. Well, I’ll say several things – I guess it’s my blog, I can say what I want! Firstly, sequins are kind of like the herpes of fabrics – if you choose to follow suit and cut out large swathes of fabric in your home, you can expect to find sequins in the bathtub, kitchen, carpet, and basically any other high traffic area of your house. The second thing I would say, is that I feel sorry for the housekeeping people who cleaned our hotel room the night after my staff party, because I’m sure the bathroom floor looked like I murdered a flapper – sequins everywhere. And, an unexpected but now so obvious result of wearing a dress with essentially tiny bits of metal in it, is that one of my arms looked like I’d been in a catfight – all scratched up. Thank god it was a one-sleeved dress is all I can say. Lessons learned. Perhaps next year I’ll go for something in silk. Here I am all gussied up for the partay.

I went into the studio last weekend as well, to glaze that pile of little bowls I made a couple of weeks ago – they were ready for the glaze kiln. Here they are as bisque ware:

And here they are, picked up yesterday. Happy!

They’re not what I’d really like, but they’re fine, and they’re gifts, and they’re handmade. Good for putting little presents in now, each a set of four I think.

So is that it? Is that all I’ve accomplished in the last 8 days besides some serious online shopping?!  Oh, well, one more thing I’m working on that is coming, is some awesome recycled/upcycled christmas decorations for my office, made out of auction brochures – here’s a teaser (more later):

So that’s that – have a great week!

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