BC Ferries Cake

I grew up on the West Coast of British Columbia, in a little town called Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. It’s just north of Gibsons, and if you’re as old as me (and grew up in  Canada), you might remember the tv show The Beachcombers, which was filmed there. Anyways, all preface to the fact that while the Sunshine Coast is not an island, you had to take a ferry to get there, so taking ferries was and is huge part of the West Coast experience. So it was pretty cool when Pete, the CEO of Ritchie Bros., asked me to make a cake for a colleague of his who is retiring from the BC Ferry Corporation. And here it is!

The backdrop sunset is food colouring painted on homemade marshmallow fondant – it’s applied to cardboard and framed with fondant to seal the edges. The ferry is made of rice crispy, covered with fondant, hand painted with food colouring. I love the orcas – one of my favourite memories is of returning to the mainland from Saltspring Island in late summer at sunset, a pod of Orcas swimming beside the ferry in Georgia Straight. Happy Retirement Dave! Wishing you the best.

All photos courtesy of Dominique Labrosse (of course!).

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2 Responses to BC Ferries Cake

  1. Natasha says:

    awesome photo of you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice work Denise!!! And you look amazing as well!!

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