Sam’s Mad Science Birthday Party

Well, it’s been quite a day! The Mad Science birthday party was a total success – who knew you could have an educational and fun birthday party all in one!? I’m afraid the bar has been set though – it may be McDonald’s and a movie from here on in. Of course with me, everything starts with the idea for the cake – once we’d decided on the Mad Science folks to come in to do the science demo, we had to have a Mad Scientist cake. You know, just like the mini-fig. Before you write to me like my friend Mike did about the fact that technically I made this out of rice crispy treats and fondant, and it’s not really cake, I’m just going to tell you that the moment you put icing and fondant on something, let’s call it cake, ok?!!!

This was a couple of days ago. It started with three loaf pans of rice crispy treats. We carved them up to the shape of a mini-fig.

Much consulting and referencing to first-hand materials of course. Then covering each piece of the mini-fig with fondant. Note Table of the Element cookies coming together in background. Empty wine glass in foreground.

Alright, hello Mad Scientist! Every Mad Scientist should always have a mini-me.

Love. Love this shot.

Setting it all up on site. 

The finished product – I loved all the little fondant toppers on the cupcakes – microscopes, test tubes, beakers, atoms, magnifying glasses, light bulbs, and then the molecule balls. 

Table of the Element cookies, all packaged. Yes, in case you are wondering, I did forget one child’s name. Augh! But I’ll make it up to her on Tuesday with the bestest girliest name cookie of all time when I see her next.  And I gave her four cupcakes when she left. 

What do you do at a Mad Science birthday party? Well, for starters, it helps to see the world through Rainbow coloured glasses! 

And then, setting things on fire always gets the room’s attention…

Doing Science experiments with cool tubes and bottles…

Making slime…ewwwwww!!!

Liquid Nitrogen experiments…such BRAVE scientists!

Having a plop of liquid nitrogen on the head…so cool!!

And here are my two happy scientists.

Thought I could never cut into the Mad Scientist mini-fig?  Think again. What would you eat first? The brain, of course!!!

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One Response to Sam’s Mad Science Birthday Party

  1. Alex Corio says:

    So inspiring! I love referencing your blog whenever I need ideas. Keep up the creative cakes and crafts. We all adore them!

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