This week’s makings…

This was a pretty busy week of making. I had four hours to myself in the pottery studio last Sunday (bliss!), and struggled to complete a couple of bowls.  When I get frustrated with the clay, I usually end up across the street at the Urban Fare for a coffee and to people watch for a little while.  Nothing rejuvenates me like the atmosphere of Urban Fare – it’s beautiful people, food and flowers all under one roof.  I came back caffeinated enough to start slicking off 8 oz. bits of clay, wedging in a crazy frenzy, and before I knew it I had thrown 20 bowls. So – my silver bullet is a tall Americano and five mini-chocolate bars!  I guess everyone’s getting matching bowls for Christmas!

One of the nicest things that happened this week, was, well, my birthday. I am definitely old school when it comes to cake for me – I love Angel Food cake with seven-minute icing. And the best part? My husband baked the cake.  (OK, it was from a box, but still…) He was overwhelmed with the idea of a double boiler, so I made the icing.  So, yes – once a year, I die for a mouth full of cake with that stupidly sweet marshmallow icing. And then, just like Kentucky Fried Chicken, you can’t really eat it again for a year. My husband calls it “Extreme Cake”.

I also got “hired” to ice a crew of gingerbread cookies this week for the Ritchie Bros. Creative team – they are working on a stop motion gingerbread e-card – how cool is that?! Vicki made the cookies, I iced them, and then my boys “lent a hand” to the project. It was a lot of fun, even though I was all stressed out about the kids being noisy in the office while people were working. They did a totally awesome job, and it’s inspired us to (maybe, time permitting) do something similar at home with gingerbread people. Maybe lego people building a gingerbread house?! Could be cool!




The staff Christmas party is fast approaching, and I have been (sadly) (hopelessly) (endlessly) for the last couple of weeks, searching for the perfect frock online. Part of me wants to look fabulous for nothing, part of me wants to just press the easy button and spend the bucks on a dress. Call a spade a spade, I’m cheap, so I stood paralyzed in Fabricana for a good two hours yesterday agonizing over patterns and fabric. And, of course, left the store with nothing close to what I had originally envisioned – yards of gorgeous black sequined fabric and a pattern to make it happen – black sequined one shouldered mini-dress anyone?!  We’ll see if the dress matches my husbands reaction to the fabric and pattern. (A 7-up moment = something someone does that is completely out of character or unexpected).

So, all in all, a pretty great week so far. It’s only Saturday – tomorrow I have to start baking Sam’s birthday cake – Mad Scientist Birthday Party T minus 7 days and counting. No pressure.


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