Happy 60th desk top birthday cake for my friend Mike

Mike's 60th Birthday Cake

Well my friend Mike turned 60 this past week, and I made a cake for a surprise party for him last night. I had a lot of different ideas for his cake, but couldn’t decide on one theme in particular, because, well, frankly – when you get to be as old as Mike, there’s a lot of material one can cover. Bahaha! (sorry Mike!). Mike is a research scientist, a prof, a hockey player, windsurfer, snowboarder, and wine afficianado, as well as being an all-round sweet family guy.  I went with the idea of a desk top, (old school) scattered with papers, a calendar and photos.  It worked – it was a great opportunity to put a lot of details in a little space, and created a lot of conversations in the room as some people only knew Mike in a certain context and not others.

The ipod had a playlist of Mike’s (mostly) favourite music; the corks were his nicknames with his birthdate (1951) and the current year (2011).  The photos were just photos – stuck to the now legendary marshmallow fondant rolled out really thin.  When I first met Mike about 15 years ago, he was playing on the UBC Chemistry department’s hockey team – the Atoms, with my husband, so I took their logo and put it on a hockey puck (that Brian actually painted with food colouring – great job!).  I also copied out the top part of Mike’s original appointment notice to the Faculty of Science at UBC, and we all had a good laugh over his starting salary, in 1981. Great way to start a conversation with a room full of people that don’t necessarily know each other.  Happy Birthday Gampoo!

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