Honourable Mention for Groovy Craft Chick Angry Birds Cake!

For the past two years that I’ve been aware of, the Canadian Living Magazine has had an online contest – the Crazy Cakes Contest.  You submit your cake creation and can vote on favourites.  Last year I submitted a ton of different cakes I had done, and thought I would submit the Angry Birds cake for fun this year.  And guess what! No – I didn’t win, but I was one of ten peeps who got an honourable mention. I’m not totally sure what that means exactly to me, but I guess I’m one step closer to my own reality TV show. Bwaak Bwaak!

Here’s a link to the contest winners – check it out!       http://crazycakes2011.canadianliving.com/home







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2 Responses to Honourable Mention for Groovy Craft Chick Angry Birds Cake!

  1. It’s an amazing cake. I just started decorating cakes and can only wish to be as creative as you one day. Thanks for showing your cakes, I’m sure it’s inspiring people around the world. (I’m from Holland.)

  2. Wow – thank you! I’m amazed more than my family read my blog – that’s pretty exciting! I haven’t been making cakes like the ones that show up in my blog for very long – maybe only about five years – and everything I try is based on an idea I saw in other blogs, on tv etc., so it’s amazing that I can inspire others – that’s great – thank you so much for letting me know. And you can guarantee there’s another crazy idea just around the corner…thank you so much for reading! Cheers, Denise

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