Lego Construction Cake and Chocolate mini-fig army

I finally had the opportunity to make a lego construction cake for an event at work today. Love the theme.

Some time ago I was given (THANK YOU AGAIN LK!) these silicone ice-cube trays. I have tried putting just about everything into them to see what works, but truly the coolest thing are these chocolates – orange- and lemon-flavoured chocolate. Frighteningly easy – I tapped into my inner Jacques Torres (doesn’t everyone?!) and busted out a mini-fig army that would make any evil villain envy my minions.

I had planned to make a lego brick cake as well, as the theme of construction fits well with Ritchie Bros., “Let’s Build the World” is our tagline – it was a no-brainer!


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2 Responses to Lego Construction Cake and Chocolate mini-fig army

  1. Elizabeth Walters says:

    This is amazing. I was just wondering how you made the bricks and the men. My son is turning 7 and this would be perfect for him. I have spent alot of time looking for something to make and this is amazing!

    • Hi Elizabeth! Sorry for the delayed response. A friend of mine bought the mini-fig and brick mold at the Legoland store in San Diego, but you can buy them online here: or here:

      The molds are silicone, and probably originally intended for ice cubes, but I have had a lot of success using the molds for melted chocolates, clay, and of course fondant. In experimenting with the molds I found that cornstarch is the only way to get perfect bricks – dust the mold liberally and then turn it over and dump out the excess. Works better than anything else I tried. If you use them to make chocolates, you don’t need anything, just pour melted chocolate (I did chips melted over a double boiler) into the clean dry mold – drop the mold a couple of times on a counter top to get any air bubbles out, and then stick the tray in the freezer for about ten minutes – then turn it over and the chocolates should pop right out. You can also melt wax into the molds. They are a bit tricky to clean, but you can always freeze them first, then knock out whatever is in it.

      I hope this helps! Good luck – happy making, and thanks for reading!

      Denise Foxall

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