Now where are all my handsome Firemen? Firetruck cake…

Omg, I’m so tired I may miss the birthday party. This cake took, uh, WAY longer than I was planning to spend, and sadly to me at the moment doesn’t look nearly as good as the effort. I don’t know – maybe it’s the rice crispy factor? Anyways. It’s done. Here it is.

I’m saddened by the fact that I only have one lego fireman, and left most of my good lego at work, so I can’t do this one justice by playing with minifigs. Oh well.

This cake feels a bit amateur-ish to me, strangely. I stuck the building on the cake, but even with the rice crispy’s, it’s pretty heavy. The truck is pretty heavy too, so it’s slagging a little bit at the moment. I guess I could fix it, but at this point, would Ben care? Non.

You may never have believed it except for the fact that I have photo documentation of my husband getting crafty! It’s true – he can actually make things from time to time. I recruited him to put the wheels on our fleet of cardboard firetrucks. Here he is trying not to stab himself with a paring knife while he punches holes in the wheels. Almost gave him a guest writer appearance on the blog, but, well, he’s not up at 4:22 am, so he’ll have to take his 15 minutes of fame somewhere else.

This is my most favourite thing, even more than the cake – I can hardly wait to see the kids running around and bumping into each other in them.

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