Firetruck Cake, ding ding ding!

This has been a GREAT day creatively speaking. I’m actually quite bad at keeping secrets, or so my husband says, but I LOVE surprises – more on that later. (who am I kidding – the only person who reads my blog is my sister in law – hi Karen!).

So, my littlest man turned three, and we are throwing a par-tay for him this weekend. Before you get all mad and barfy from all the cool ideas I’ve stolen from other perkier richer younger mother-blog-types, just know that I am well aware that there is a shelf life for throwing grotesquely over-the-top birthday parties for children, and I’m nearing the end (I’m thinking five is the cut-off for this sort of thing, but that might be a bit harsh).  So, the boy likes Firetrucks. Really. A lot. So much that I drive him by a fire station at least once a week just to see what’s happening – they all know him. He calls every firefighter Mike. Anyways. Quite a while ago I watched the only five minutes of the Cake Boss I’ve ever seen (too much yelling, not my thing) and in the credits for the show, there’s a quick shot of a cake that’s a burning building, with a firetruck pulled up in front, firefighters, etc. ON FIRE. Call me crazy, but once I want something, it’s pretty hard to turn the bus around. So, here we go.

I’m doing the engine entirely in Rice Crispies, just because, well, why not? It’s fun and it seems to hold it’s shape a little better than cake. Good times.

The one nice thing about, well, having your cake and eating it too, is that it’s a damn WORKOUT. As my husband says, check out the pipes.

Yes. Firetruck red hands. Not really washing off. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

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One Response to Firetruck Cake, ding ding ding!

  1. Karolyne says:

    You’re a great artist Dee !!

    Gros bisous !

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