Jedi Fondant Master: Yoda Cake

Well, how to talk about a Yoda Cake hmmm? Honestly, I was always a Han Solo fan, the little green guy never did it for me, but I really like where I got to tonight on this cake. So, this is something of a commission for the CEO of the company I work for. I’m pretty excited, because the idea in my head is coming out pretty much the way I had hoped.  Here is the cake design that was agreed upon:

It’s pretty – well, simple, for the cake I originally imagined with a Yoda theme. I was maybe thinking three dimensional, or something really crazy like a full sized head (would that be gross to cut into?).  So I found the cartoon online that the above cake is based on:

And I started to sketch it out onto a flat rolled out piece of fondant (on icing sugar so it doesn’t stick to the table).

Once I had the sketch, I started filling in the main colours:

And darker colours for highlights and details:

Once the colouring is done with a paintbrush, I go back and start outlining the cartoon again with black:

And then once I was happy with that, I cut away the fondant so that it’s just the cartoon. I’ll let this dry overnight and harden up a bit, and then tomorrow morning I’ll ice the cake and pop it on the top. Hopefully it will all be as easy as that just sounded!

Happy I am…


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