Quilted Wedding Cake – break it down!

Here is a better photo of the Quilted Wedding Cake I made for Ian and Vicki Malinski (courtesy of my favourite in-house photographer, Dominique Labrosse) (Who’s become a specialist of photographing cakes for me!!). And a few more details on this cake. The cake itself is a Tahitian vanilla bean pound cake (14″, 10″ 6″), with homemade lemon curd (yes! a dozen zested and hand squeezed lemons!), vanilla buttercream, and vanilla fondant.

It took me quite a while to carve the cake rounds out, to make sure there were no crusty bits. Looks a bit like a Coupe Stanley, non? (HMMMMMMMMM!) (Go Canucks Go!).

Each layer was filled with lemon curd, buttercream, and another layer of lemon curd.

The quilted layers are done with a 1cm square cookie cutter in a repeated (!) pattern. I glued on the edible pearls with a tiny paintbrush and water, and was actually surprised how well they stuck on (I had visions of a lot of them falling off in transit). I packed each cake in it’s own box…

When I got to the reception, I was able to saw the stakes to the right height, and start building the cake.

Then came the icing trim…

And god bless the flowers, which hide just about any flaws you might see in this age of High Definition.

So here’s the stats on this cake All told, I guess the cake itself took about 10 hours total to make and bake, about 2 hours to make the lemon curd. 2 hours to carve, fill, and crumb coat. Covering the cakes with fondant, the quilted decoration and pearl application took 10 hours. Assembling the cake with the final trim and flowers on-site took 2 hours. So, all told, 26 hours in actual making, (after my children are asleep). There was a lot of gathering of supplies weeks in advance. Making a wedding cake is no small task, I’ve remembered! It has been a while since I’ve done one, and I guess because it’s one of those basic elements of every wedding, it’s really really important to get it right. I’m lucky that the bride and groom were so cool and trusting with everything…in fact, I had a final 10 minute conversation with the bride to confirm everything on Thursday afternoon, and she was so calm, relaxed and beautiful! Imagine. Making a cake that is called “The Bridezilla Cake” for a woman who is the complete opposite. I hereby dub this cake The Zen Bride Cake, for Vicki!

Congratulations to you both for years of happiness!

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