Game Changers: homemade fondant, LEGO pottery. Lubrication sold separately.

For all the years I’ve been making cakes, I have always bought fondant, and always delivered a cake with the caveat that “you wouldn’t REALLY want to eat the fondant”. Because even though it’s edible, I really can only advocate food that really TASTES good. And, well, store-bought fondant – never measured up in my mind. I thought I would finally try to make it. I don’t know what I was expecting – some laboriously tedious method, hours slaving over a stove with a candy thermometer and double boilers. What I got, was, well, melt marshmallows, and knead in a bag of powdered sugar. Mix it together with hands generously greased in crisco. I was so gob-smacked by how easy it was, I used up an entire 1 kg bag of mini marshmallows and about four bags of powdered sugar, and made about 5 pounds worth. And, here’s the game-changer – even *I* will eat fondant now. 

The other thing that happened that has, well, to put it mildly, CHANGED my life, is that a friend gave me 2 LEGO silicone molds from a recent trip to Legoland. So, I’ve been actively putting just about everything I can think of into them, to make lego mini-figs and bricks. And let me tell you – it’s good times all round. The molds are actually harder to get perfect figures out of than I expected, so I’m experimenting with all types of lubrication – the hard part is that you can’t actually use too much, or it interferes with the final result. Will continue to experiment! In the meantime, made some cool plates in pottery yesterday…

and some fondant bricks.

And the fun never ends. Baked bread yesterday too, but we got broken into; here’s the robber counting his dough.

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