Smell my finger…cake, art, pottery

I had a huge burst of creativeness this weekend, and I am sorry to see Sunday night closing in on me. I’ve just baked a tester cake for a wedding cake I’m making at the end of May – Tahitian vanilla bean pound cake…and if you could only smell my kitchen – and at the risk of being mocked, my fingers! Scraping vanilla beans into cake batter can only be described as a transcendent experience.

Ben is on to me and keeps asking when his toybox will be finished. I dove in and have made significant progress, but got sidetracked with a collage project on Friday night….

I also finally pulled together a collage I’d been thinking about doing for a long time. “Little Ruby” is the name of a duet I used to play with my grandmother – she was very musical, and I inherited her piano. Long story, but it took me a long time to get around to shipping her piano to my house, and when I opened up the piano stool, there was the duet book with “Little Ruby” in it. Pretty amazing. So, I made this collage out of the Primo part, and dogwoods, because they remind me of her. It’s nice, I like it.

This morning the children got into LEGO, so I sat down with them and between retrieving bricks for Sam, attaching swords to ninjas for Ben, copied a sketch I found for a Vetruvian Lego Man. Yes, I LOVE him.

Some time ago I painted a little wooden children’s table and chair set from Ikea – it’s still proving to be awesome and useful and wearing well – especially when your children paint your windows with mud (It’s mud soup mommy! REALLY!) and you can carry it outside into the garden for them to dine en plein air. Sigh. Such a life they have.

I went a bit crazy today with the coffee, and burned into the studio to work on those little ring holders and cupcake plate I made. It must be spring – I’m putting flowers on everything! Have a great week!

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