Homemade Doughnuts for Brefas!

I had a caffeine-fueled conversation with two of my favourite work peeps in the office on Thursday, on the subject of Seattle, which reminded me of doughnuts, which reminded me of a friend who has written a cookbook on that very subject, which REMINDED me that I have never tried any of her recipes. So, this morning, I added homemade doughnuts to my ever-growing list of things that make me feel powerful, goddess-like, and basically a superhero to my kids.
They don’t really look like the picture, but they TASTE like the picture. These are cake doughnuts, with a hint of nutmeg.

You pipe them onto greased parchment, then fry them in oil. We made the kids eat scrambled eggs for real breakfast, but they helped out – here Sam is teaching the sound of “o” to Ben – yes, even doughnut-making is an educational opportunity for Sam to tell Ben what to do.

Yes. I made this. I am a goddess!

Ben basically just ate the chocolate glaze…happy.

Thanks Lara. Thanks for giving me the necessary tools to become all-powerful. And you see this waistline? Yeah. Not for long!

If you want to make the easiest cake doughnuts in the whole world (yes, you can) rush out – buy Lara Ferroni’s cookbook “Doughnuts”. It will make you happy. Oh yeah, and your family too. And if you’re wondering why there’s a coffee cup in just about every photo? This blog post has been brought to you by caffeine provided by Tim Hortons. Hmm.  Smells like a sponsorship deal.

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