Peas on Earth, f@% the rest

Ok. So I had a shitty day. The problem with me, being creative,  is that if I do something that is not terribly creative for an extended period, I get grumpy. It doesn’t help that my pet peeve is people who can’t pick up their feet when they walk, and it seemed like everyone today in the office was either wearing uggs, or shoes two sizes too big. I’m getting old, and, well, curmudgeondly. (Is that a word?).

Anyways, Groovy Craft Chick should be all about sweetness and light, but honestly, today I’m feeling like spring is NEVER going to get here, people are bugging me, my kids are barking orders at me, and that’s got me a little blue. So I had a look back at what I made in the studio last Sunday just to cheer myself up. Pea pods. Really? How sweet are these?

They’re Christmas ornaments – I know, crazy, but it was an idea I had. Peas on Earth.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, these little weird dishes are NOT nipple covers or sombreros. They’re going to be ring holders  – something I can put by the kitchen sink and put my rings onto so I don’t lose them. Smart – not my idea, but smart.

I LOVE these dishes – the sad fact is that no photo will ever be able to capture this awesome glaze – it’s beautiful. And I suck at photography. But this cheered me up a little bit. Emerald with Plum on porcelain. Nice pots.

Here are my herb stakes – finally. It took me forever to get these glazed, but I’m glad I did. Even tho it’s snowing outside, I can still dare to dream.

So. Back to the slog. Yes, it’s still pouring rain/snow/slush outside. My kids are still barking orders at me. The Stanley Cup playoffs are on and I could care less. Less Talk. More Make.

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One Response to Peas on Earth, f@% the rest

  1. Ann Brutus says:

    how do i find extra long herb stakes like yours? do you sell yours? if so, where can i buy them?

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