Transformer – Optimal Saturday

I’ve made a Optimus Prime Transformer Cake.  I’m pretty sure, anyways. I did a bit of research to find a cake the client wanted, but then made the mistake this afternoon of deciding I needed to make a bit more detail, and found all sorts of other Optimus Prime cakes I would have loved to make. It’s basically left me feeling like I really don’t think I can do any more cakes until I get an airbrush. So, hopefully this will make the recipient happy – my kids were slightly more tolerant of this than, say, the princess cake. Ben painted the tires, and was pretty proud of himself.

Started out with the basics…image on computer…

Cake…looks like a robot to me…Hmm. would LIKE to make a robot cake. Maybe a steampunk robot cake?!! Ok, don’t get distracted…

Next, the icing and coverage.

Tires are on. Moving into details.

Painting begins. Child wakes up. Husband at hockey. Things are getting complicated. Must. Finish. Cake.

Excellent. Child Labour always makes things go faster. Ben paints the hubs.


Oh yeah. Optimus  Prime is in the house. At least, until tomorrow.

Now. Back to more important things. Fuzzy Pumper! Playdough! Children! Strongbow!

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One Response to Transformer – Optimal Saturday

  1. Sonia says:

    Thanks Denise…this cake was enjoyed and much-loved….everyone was fighting over who gets the tires! Thanks for all the details – Kam loved it!

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