Cars cake: kachow!

It was inevitable that I would eventually make a Disney Cars cake at some point, so here it is. I didn’t mean to stay up so late doing this, but I always stay up late doing these things! I think I’m happy with it – I suspect a good night’s sleep will make me feel more awesome than at present, or at least enable me to correct anything incoherent I’ve written here tomorrow (seems to be a theme of late – me babbling and saying stupid things, but that’s a whole other story!).

I left the top clear for candles and possibly something “Car-like”, as in the many hundreds of Car cars Ian (the little boy whose cake this will be) has. If you can believe it, I’m even too tired to do something with lego. Maybe tomorrow Bruce!  

Here’s a picture of the The Mater and McQueen I sketched out and then painted with food colouring onto rolled out fondant. Actually, pretty much everything except the cacti (right?!) are painted with food colouring. And I have to say, I LOVE making construction cones. In fact, I would even say that I am downright good at making them. Anyways, it’s done.

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