Princess Cake vs. Lego: take down in my fridge

I’m making a birthday cake for a little girl named Ella, who turns one tomorrow, on behest of one of my oldest friends, Maricel, who is a Very Nice Person.  By proximity,  I therefore think that Ella must be a Very Nice Person too, so I am doing my best to make this the Most Awesome Princess Cake Ever.  I will write something nice about this cake tomorrow, but right now, there’s been some action surrounding this cake that I must report on.

The green army guys came in earlier to sweep the bottom tier for landmines. I for one was relieved. No-one likes a badly sifted lump of whatever in their birthday cake.

Shaniykcwa caught sight of the stars and tiara in the works, and busted out a little Shakira/Beyonce mashup.

And then just about the time I realised I had icing smudged on my camera lens, there was a full on bank robbery and take down going on in my fridge.

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