Sechelt: motor graders, quilts and Space Lego!

I spent some time this weekend with family in my hometown, Sechelt, and it was a nice exercise in stepping back and letting the children make things.

My dad is retired, but builds wooden boats amongst other things – he has an amazing studio that overlooks the water. Ben’s teak (!) motor grader got a bum tire, so we brought it home to get it fixed. Grandpa was more than willing to oblige, and the visit to his shop was somewhat magical.

Ben even put the glue on the wheel himself.

They moved on to a lesson in hammering nails, which required brute strength and no end of exclamations.

Drilling lessons were next.

My mom is a quilter. They were less impressed with her VAST collection of fabric. I just like to go into the “Fabric Vault” and stand there. Kind of like a personal crafty time out.

(This closet is about 8 feet high, five feet wide and deep, and is organised by colour and type of fabric, so now you know I come by all this stuff honestly). (Sorry mom, now your secret’s out!)

There were shrieks of glee when late in the day, Grandma located my older brother’s giant tupperware box FULL of old lego – and I’m old, so I’m talking about 1975 Space lego.

Sam almost had a fit when he discovered the manuals.

And of course, I was all about the figures.

I felt like that guy in Amelie when he’s given a box of childhood treasures that he hid away, and all the memories come rushing back. Yes, it was my brothers lego, true. But I spent THOUSANDS of hours playing with it. Sigh.

Anyways, we came back to reality. I was inspired. I baked bread. And this…

Turned into this…

when  I got distracted helping Sam get past a really hard Angry Birds level.

Not your regular makin’ kind of weekend, in the sense that we made more messes than art, but damn, it was fun, and I’m all fired up again for cakes and pottery and maybe even a little work.  Have a great week!

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