It’s gonna be a cakewalk…

So, my son brought home from school a note requesting parents donate cakes and cupcakes for a cakewalk next Friday at their Winter Festival. Wow. Cakewalk!  It’s been, uh, well, let’s just round out to 30 years since I’ve been in a cakewalk. To the point where I’m actually uncertain as to the rules of it all, except that my memory of one involves a large area with pieces of paper on the floor, music, and a table of cake. This could possibly be the aha moment for me, where the psychiatrist says this is the root of my problem (I have a problem?) with cake…you just land on a square, and win a cake. I mean, really – is that not the best game show ever? I’m almost surprised there isn’t a reality game show on the Food Network.

But anyways, I’m pretty darn excited, because it ALSO happens to be literacy week next week, so Sam and I are in hot debate as to what kind of book-themed cake we’re (yes, we – he’s going to help on this one) going to make. A Chicka Chicka Boom Boom cake? Very cool, very possible. I then went through my mental list of all of his favourite books – Very Hungry Caterpillar? Where the Wild things are? In the Night Kitchen? Green Eggs and Ham?!!

Do I have time to do more than one?

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