From Star Wars to Cinderella in 7 days

I made a Cinderella cake. There, I said it.

I mean, it’s ‘sort’ of a Cinderella cake. This cake is for Emily, who turns five tomorrow. On a 1 – 10 scale of girliness, Em is probably somewhere around 13. When my children play at her house, it’s a whole ‘nutha world – princesses, fairies, barbies, clothes, jewellery. For some reason that they can’t explain (but I know is programmed into their DNA) they automatically try on the little princess high heels and trot around like little drag queens. So, all that said, I was a little worried about making this cake. I wasn’t sure I could ethically follow the Star Wars cake with a Unicorn cake – it just didn’t seem right. Until Karen brought me the unicorn and fairy figurines to put on top of the cake. Ben was suitably impressed – he definitely liked playing with them.

So I had to do something fun anyways. I may not have been a super girly-girl when I was a kid, but when I was 10, I distinctly remember going to the theatrical re-release of the Walt Disney Cinderella, and fell in love with two things: Gus (above), and the scene in Cinderella when the mice and birds sew Cinderella’s pink dress for her so she can go to the ball. For about five years, I believe that dress informed my idea of what my wedding dress would look like should I ever get married.

So, this cake is the bottom of Cinderella’s dress, from the original Disney film. And I like it.

Of course you knew I was going to work the lego in there somewhere.

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