Star Destroyer Venator Class Cake

Ok, so first of all, I need to issue a public correction to a point in my (clearly) misinformed below post. Of COURSE I knew that Darth Vader wasn’t around when this ship was being used…and that he came just as the galactic republic was turned into the galactic empire and this ship was used during the clone wars (hence Vader wouldn’t be looking for it’s keys Auntie Dee, duh!).

My cool factor to my oldest nephew went down a couple of notches, and my apologies to the die-hards out there who think I’m a loser for not knowing that.

But hey, when you spent an all-nighter making a cool cake with guns and jets and lord knows how many pieces of hardware holding it all together  (oh, the side of cake making you don’t see!) I could only hope to be forgiven for my small indiscretion.

The best part about all of this, is that my “client” is a photographer, so I’m expecting a few great photos to come. Here’s what was left of my workspace once the cake was delivered. Destroyed, yeah!

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