Star Wars – and so it begins.

Ok ok ok…to say that I am excited is not even the beginning – I’m not even sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I have abandoned my toybox painting project (oh! the library fines on that book!) and have focused any remaining brain cells I have left after New Years Eve, to making a cool Star Wars cake – sort of. Time is of the essence, so I think I’ll let someone else do the cake, and just make something cool for the top. Like an X-Wing fighter, or the Venator class Star Destroyer. I’m not sure – I discovered this amazing site today ( where you can get blueprints for, well, just about anything cool, and I’m going to have to figure out which one will be easier to do logistically. Check out the drawings for the X-Wing:

I’m a sucker for a blueprint, what can I say!? The other ship is this one:

Actually probably easier to do, now that I see the two of them side by side. Will sleep on it and start tomorrow.

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