Toybox, under construction!

Ok. So I have this week off…we’re chilling with the little peeps, building lego sets (yay!), playing with trucks, doing science experiments. I’ve also been trolling Etsy, getting some fresh ideas, and taking stock of all the projects that I planned to do, and, well, didn’t.  I have borrowed so many ideas from others – there are sooo many things I want to make. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is paint a toybox my father made for my son Sam. It’s lined with cedar, so it really smells pretty awesome inside (way too nice, really, for toys).  On a certain level I do recognize that this is one of those things that will have a limited lifespan for my boy, but I think it will be cool if I can do it before he graduates from highschool. So I’ve sketched out three sides – inspired by the art of Edward Miller in the book Alphabeep. It’s going to have all of the fav’s – garbage truck, dump truck, ambulance, fire truck, crawler tractor, and, yes, one big-ass cement mixer. I’ll throw the train on the top if I don’t tank out before then.  Here’s a shot of where I got to today.

And then there’s that sinking, overwhelming feeling I get when I am at the beginning of a project: too far in to stop, but a LONG way from the end! Nothing a good night sleep and a couple more days off won’t cure.

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