On Martha Stewart, gingerbread and lego.

So here’s a dirty little secret: I cannot wrap gifts. Or maybe it’s that I lack the patience in this one particular area. Suffice to say, you might be happy to know that I really truly do suck at wrapping gifts. I can not tell you why – I have certainly torn my share of wrapping idea pages from Martha Stewart and Real Simple magazines. I even have a couple of books on HOW TO WRAP GIFTS. And yet, I cannot seem to channel the Martha – I suck. As in, cutting paper – jaggedly!  Not taking care to make sure the points are perfect and there’s not an excess of paper on the triangle before you fold it up. I guess I figure as long as it’s wrapped sufficiently, that’s enough.

Now food wrapping, that’s a whole other story. There is something lovely about seeing decorated gingerbread cookies in clear cellophane bags, or little cookies nestled in boxes.  Every year I make gingerbread snowflake cookies – here’ s this year’s offerings.

The plates for my nephews and nieces are done – I think they turned out pretty nicely – they are simple and totally dishwasher/microwave safe. Perfect size for cookie and milk action, or a little p&j sammich. There were six, but three are happily travelling via Canada Post to Kamloops as we speak.











The ornaments turned out pretty well – they are a bit “girly” for me, but I like the retro shapes. Will keep working on a prototype for next year.

I recently found this blog: http://legomyphoto.wordpress.com/ and of course saw the opportunity instantly.

“Carl knew he was going to need a better snow shovel to get out of this mess.”

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