Hurry up and Make!

I’m about half way through Christmas preparations…10 days to go! My kids are beyond excited. On Sunday I “published” my third Blurb book, which turned out to be 80 pages! I’m ashamed to admit that none of my family has ever received a wedding photo, so I decided to call the book “The First Five”, and it spans my wedding day through to the present. It was a totally overwhelming project to distill five years into 80 pages, but I did it, and I can’t wait until it arrives (hopefully) before Christmas!

On Sunday night Sam and I baked alphabet gingerbread cookies to spell out all the names of the kids in his class (24 kids). While it’s awesome, and the kids loved it, can I just offer you a few words of advice? If you are ever standing in a craft store with a package of alphabet cookie cutters, PLEASE PUT THEM BACK.

Having a work party today, so I made these gingerbread men with my ABC cookie cutters – that actually stands for Already Been Chewed…happy I work with people who have a sense of humour!

Went to the studio on Sunday glazed those little plates and my ornaments, and picked up a few pieces of pottery. They actually came out of the kiln a few weeks ago, but I was so disappointed with them (I tried a few new glazes) that I didn’t even want to bring them home. So of course, I brought them home, and everyone loved them and thought they were beautiful. Go figure!

So much more to do – gingerbread house project, a bit more shopping, a few more batches of cookies. And wrapping. And stockings. And a tree! Better get back to making.

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