Ornaments and elves










So being a working mom, I very rarely get to partake in a lot of the during-the-day school activities that happen. I had Friday off, and Ben and I helped chaperone the kindergarten class on their annual Jingle Bell Walk through the neighborhood to hang flyers on doors to collect coats for charity. I think I’m really just explaining all this to preface the above photo, because there are days I wish I could go to work in green fleece pants, a fireman raincoat, and an elf hat, and still look cute. The window is so short for clothes like this! And all without planning. I mean, I guess technically I could go to work like this.  The mockery would not be worth it – I get mocked for all sorts of things already, why add this to the mix.

In any case, I spent some time in the studio this weekend working on [SPOILER ALERT: If you are a nephew or niece stop reading]  (Ha, who am I kidding)  some little plates I’m making for my six nephews and nieces. They’re just pressed plates from a mold, but I stamped the name and birthdate of each kid on the centre of the plate.  It’s simple and nice, and will be something they can keep for a while. Handsigned of course on the back by Auntie Dee!
















I’m also making some ornaments – I make something every year, and this is this year’s offerings. I’m pretty pleased so far…I like the way the big ornaments look kind of retro – I stamped them, and applied flowers – but they’re pretty delicate (as Sam found out when he busted three of them just by poking them to see if they really would break – doh!). I was going to give them away, but….well, they’re pretty lovely. We’ll see.









All of this has left me feeling rather festive, so  I put together our Christmas card for this year, and actually got it sent, and printed. I’m rather famous for spending time writing cards, getting them in addressed envelopes, and not sending them, so hopefully this year I can actually mail these out. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out, especially considering Ben’s Y was one take, and the lighting wasn’t that great.

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