Transitioning out of the Transitional Elements

I’m half way through!  Woohoo! I’m starting to feel, well, mostly hate still towards the Periodic Table of the Elements and Science in general, but I can see the light!

Here’s a couple of closeups of these little guys – all told, it’s a pretty fun way for a kid to learn about the elements…

The other thing that happened today that I’m super excited about, is that my husband (who is a chemist) wandered into the department glass blower’s studio this morning and ordered some test tubes and flasks, and a special spiral “thingy” for Sam’s cake. What we’re going to try to do is make different coloured jello, fill the tubes, and then put them on the top of the cake, as if it’s a Mad Scientist’s lab desk. That’s the concept I’m working towards. So here’s part of the piece, the rest will be ready Thursday. How cool is that? Sam’s probably the only kid on the planet who will have a birthday cake with custom-blown chemistry ware. AWESOME!

Brian, official cool guy and UBC Chemistry Glass-blower

Well, that’s enough for one day. 57 elements down, 52 to go!

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