Tricky Treats!

So, Hallowe’en is over, and I for one am exhausted! Who needs a drink?! Just kidding, I already have one here, beside this giant cauldron of candy I’m going to feel obliged to eat through.

But, it’s pretty fun to get all spooked up with the kids – there are so many fun things to do and make. I made the fastest cake of all time on Friday for work – I’m not going to pretend I spent all night making this one – I iced it between 8:15 and 8:35 am on Friday morning. My kids thought it was hilarious. So here ya go – the groovy craft chick CAN actually do things half-assed. And for some reason, about five people in my office emailed me or stopped me in the hall to say that this was THE BEST TASTING CAKE they had ever had. Go figure. All this time I’ve been busting the all-nighter to finish cakes, and all I needed to do was whip out my icing bag and make cobwebs.

So we had some cake left over from this one, and I couldn’t very well disappoint my family by not having cake at home, so Ben and I made this ghostie cake for him and Sam. He really truly did help, patted down the sugarpaste onto the cake and everything. Even kissed it a couple of times. He was totally adorable, and really really proud of his first cake.

So then we moved on to the inevitable pumpkin carving. Sam channeled Linus in Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, by being completely grossed out by the smell, look and general goings-on of carving pumpkins. Gotta toughen up these kids!

Yeah, Sam wasn’t buying into it at all. He’s too smart for me.  So we moved on to decorating cookies. All I can say, is if you want to actually have some product at the end that looks good, make sure you make enough cookies for the kids to decorate, and just let go of any creative control you might want to have.

Yeah, I love Hallowe’en – it’s awesome to see it through little people’s eyes – everything is so exciting, and yummy, and scary all at the same time. I’m all about traditions – the pumpkin patch, the cookies, carving pumpkins – we do the same things every year, and it’s just nice. There are definitely moments when I feel like I don’t sleep or rest, but that’s ok – who said any of this had to do with me!? When you make things together, even if it’s a crappy cake in 15 minutes in the morning, making feels a little less commercial and more about being together. And that’s a treat!


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