Something nice for Friday…

We had our wrap up party this week for the dragon boat team I’m on, and I did a timelapse video of our last practice in False Creek. I did the time lapse on 30 September 2010, and originally set up the camera to go take pictures at 2 seconds intervals, and took photos from the Royal Oak skytrain station down to Science World, then over to the where the team gathers. We were in a swift instead of one of the bigger boats, but I think that actually worked better because it’s hard to see the paddlers too far back anyways. It’s such a great momento of our practices for me – it’s everything about what I love about the experience of being on the water, in Vancouver, in the summer.

So now that it’s fall turning into a rainy Vancouver winter, I have this to watch and remind me of the good times, scenery and friends that dragon boating brings.

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One Response to Something nice for Friday…

  1. bumpercrop says:

    Wicked. Wicked. Wicked.

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