A George Divided

So I’m going to preface this blog post by saying that we’ve just paid the babysitter off, after a couple of hours at a local favourite restaurant drinking malbec and consuming gross quantities of lobster.  (I’d like to talk about Malbec at some other point, but now that I’m in my pajamas, lying in bed with my computer  propped up comfortably on my lap I hardly think this is the time…).

So, I had you at George divided – you were wondering where I was going with that.

I spent the week, up until about 1pm today, going MENTAL editing about 12 hours of video into a 9 minute story for a work function tomorrow on possibly one of the most boring things ever to be brought to film. This is something that is part of my job, video editing – I don’t usually work on such  a tight time-frame with such crazy parameters, but none-the-less. I give full credit to the director and videographer who put together an editable amount of footage to tell what is (I think) a funny and actually educational story. It felt awesome to achieve that much in such a small time frame. Concurrently, my colleagues were working on a photo shoot that I desperately would have loved to be a part of, but couldn’t because of the video I was working on. Fair enough. But all that got me thinking, that there’s only so much creative a normal person can take. I find that the work Denise and the private Denise cannot sustain makings all at the same time. Something has to give. And usually, it manifests itself either in yelling at my kids, or forgetting something major, like completely dressing myself, forgetting where I’m driving to, putting the milk away  in the microwave,. I mean, honestly, for every push, there’s a pull. A Denise divided against itself cannot stand. (And then I ask myself, why is it that just about every lesson in life you learn can either be reduced to a Seinfeld or Simpsons’ episode?).

It’s true what they say about the place I work – it’s about the people, the  culture. After a while, you start to live and breathe what you do, and the lines become blurred, until what you thought was independent Denise becomes relationship Denise – you live a breathe and live the colour orange, and the people you work with are your friends – they know by looking at your face what kind of mood you’re in, possibly what you need to hear, or whether they should just back away and come back later.  I have always been pretty creative (I certainly can get into enough trouble on my own without inciting trouble at work) but as of late, the people I work with have upped their game of cool, awesome, fun, creative – and I really just can’t wait to get to work to see what happens next. It’s interesting, to work in marketing, with a bunch of other hyper-creative types -I get a high  when I’m on a creative roll, and crash into a creative slump when it’s over – and it’s somewhat comforting to know that my team-mates also experience those highs and low, go home to the chaos of kids, family, lunch boxes, and somehow we all manage to get up and do it again the next day. It’s gratifying and exciting all at the same time.

I’m going to get up tomorrow at 5:30am, channel my inner Rocky skipping rope like the maniac that I am, and then go to work and find out about the next project – a Lego stop motion video, while trying to work on a time lapse video of our last Dragonboat practice. I can’t wait.  I’ll have the penne arrabiatta!

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One Response to A George Divided

  1. Brian says:

    What was that about skipping rope this morning…?

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