Into the fire

Well, it’s true – it was a driving around in the sun, head-out-the-window-tongue-hanging-out kind of day. There are truly some days when I wish I was a brown dog. Anyways, it was a soy-chai-latte, hanging with great company kind of day. And who knew I’d have such a great pottery apprentice?

Went to the studio, and glazed those suckers.

It was fun. And it’s done. The rest is up to chemistry.

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2 Responses to Into the fire

  1. Laurie Kinsman says:

    WHOLE new appreciation of the effort and process … and the genius behind it all. The team is going to love ’em. Now, about that order for 100 mugs …

  2. Hardly genius – although the first person who figured out that throwing a pot into fire definitely started something!

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