The art of every day

Well, no two ways about it, when you have kids, you have to make lunches. Not sure why, but for me, the honeymoon is definitely not over on this one. I LIKE making two little lunches every night – all those little containers filled with yummy things to eat all day – and believe me, my kids eat all day long. Really – in one single day, my five year old consumes more than I do.

Anyways, for some reason, I thought of my friend Bruce tonight as I made tomorrow’s lunches, and how he would be proud of me that I invented (probably not, but I feel like taking credit for it right now) a new wrap – turkey, grated apple, emmenthal cheese, and lemon dill humous on tortillas. And I didn’t eat any of it! And, best of all, I know that my little doods will open up their lunch boxes tomorrow and be happy to eat their way through the day.

Sigh. Now if only I could make something that would last a little longer than a lunch.

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