I’m turning it up to eleven

Yesterday my best friend called me up in the middle of the day, panicking because she was caving under the chaos of being a doctor, mother of two, and human being in general. She said that she was calling ME, because she still doesn’t know the secret to how I “do it all”. After a minute or two, we were killing ourselves laughing about something totally banal,  and she felt better.

It made me think about all the reasons I get out of bed in the morning – the motivation. I am pretty crazy (hopefully in a good way), and have some crazy ideas. That’s no secret to anyone who knows me or reads this blog. But what inspires me to follow through on crazy ideas, is knowing that I’ll probably (hopefully) have a good laugh about it along the way. I’ve recently starting running (at 5:45 am, yes – nuts, but the only time I have to myself, and it’s starting to be worth it).  A couple of weeks ago the dragon boat team I paddle with got a coach. One of the things she talked about was “doing ten more”. So the geek that I am incorporated that into my runs – as I claw my way up the hills on my almost-5 km route, it had become my mantra. Until this week, when someone else suggested the team “turn it up to eleven”. That almost made me spit out my coffee – such an awesome reference – I loved it. It’s the small things in life – the hope that something ridiculous will happen that will make me laugh that motivates me, whether it’s at work, at home (always a lot of material there!). I love the small things in life, and I think sometimes when my life seems overwhelming and I can’t even imagine cooking dinner or dressing myself (because let me tell you, there are moments when even simple seems un-possible) I just try to focus on something small. Sometimes small things can be more important than the big things.

I have a lot of ideas for things I want to accomplish – at home, at work, for my kids…and a filing cabinet full of files of ideas, all organised into categories. I’m turning my LIFE up to 11.

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