Ben’s train station birthday par-tay

So my wee man turned two on Sunday. sigh. Actually, wait – it’s good – I’m sleeping through the night and that is nothing to be wistful about!  In any case, we had a party for him at the Confederation Park train station in Burnaby, and it was pretty awesome. They have small electric and steam trains to ride around a big circuit of track, and I’m not going to name names, but there were a LOT of parents on the rides!

I am perhaps cursed with ownership of a set of alphabet cookie cutters, and decided on Friday night to make all the kids names in cookies and ice them. Well, I’m not going to explain in depth how long it took me to figure out exactly how many of each letter to make, and what colour to ice them, but suffice to say there was an excel spreadsheet involved and the total cookie count was 91.  Note: if you plan to do this, only invite children with four or less letters in their name.

Here are the train and car cookies I made as well:

I cut cardboard for each name, covered it in tin foil, then glued each letter to the tin foil with icing, and wrap up the whole thing in cling film. Yes, perhaps a little too much crazy, but seriously, it’s not like I could just give up half way through and give each kid half a name. Well, ok, I did consider eating my kids cookies and just calling them by their shortened names, it’s true.

So while I wasn’t exactly panicking about the fact that by 2:30 on Saturday afternoon I hadn’t started Ben’s cake, I gassed up at Starbucks and got down and personal with Thomas the Tank Engine.

I had planned to copy in principle a cake I found online, so I started with the four train faces, hand painting them with food colouring. In the end I stuck the tracks on the top, which was kind of perfect because it left room for a candle.

The four faces are different, and I was pretty pleased with the way the whole thing looked in the end.

Unfortunately it was super humid over night and the next morning, and the sugarpaste trains kind of slumped on the cake, which totally sucked, but I don’t think Ben noticed – he was SO happy with his cake, and everyone singing happy birthday to him….he had a great time.

And here he is, happiest kid at the par-tay!

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